“wellbeing course was excellent and all very relevant to me”

“enjoyed the mental health lecture, a difficult subject well delivered”

“I most liked the openness in which the presentation was delivered and the input on signs and symptoms to look out for in myself and colleagues”

“I found everything useful on this course, as I now understand what my partner is going through and will be able to help her get the help she needs – THANK YOU!”

“I liked that there was lots of information and how passionate she was about the subject, also to understand that everyone will be effected by it at some point in their life”

“I liked the way she could talk about her own experiences and laugh about bits too! She had a huge knowledge on the subject and thanks for coming”

“Loved the openness and frankness of MC, no time frames/limitations, varied scope of conversations. I can now know where/how to identify possible issues and where/who to contact for help”

“It helps when you have a trainer who is enthusiastic, friendly and welcoming, MC was perfect in her delivery. I was engaged from beginning to end. Case studies and videos helped me to visualise/reflect and understand the effects of poor mental health”

“Wellbeing input portrayed and delivered in a very good manner to cover subject. Good discussions and MC positively encouraged our contributions. Inputs very educational and relevant to us professionally and personally – an ‘eye-opener’!”

“loved the openness of instructor and video, love that someone wants to help – excellent MC”