I can offer training and awareness in the following subjects and will tailor them to the needs of both your business and your staff.

Manager Training

  • A lack of overall wellbeing can lead to poor mental health. How should we and how do we manage and support staff, recognise signs and symptoms and provide on-going support in the workplace?

Staff wellbeing

  • general training for all staff which includes awareness of the signs, symptoms and support for more common mental health challenges such as stress, anxiety and depression.

Staff support networks

  • how can your business create the space, time and support needed for staff to live a happy and healthy lifestyle, both at home and at work? How can you support those at risk of or struggling with issues in their lives?

The issues our young people face

  • covering a variety of topics including mental health, addiction, co-dependency, eating disorders and more

5 Ways to wellbeing

  • 5 simple steps we should all take regularly to improve our overall wellbeing

Emotional resilience

  • if we are in a challenging and demanding role, we are responsible for looking after ourselves, but how do we do that?

All subjects will cover signposting and support to local networks, national initiatives and useful websites and resources